Bemlo is a better way to run healthcare staffing

Organisations of all sizes use Bemlo to increase staff retention and run their staffing smoothly

Optimise your staffing flow

Meet the friendly staffing system

User friendly

Bemlo is a user friendly modern system that is lightning fast to work in. We have put a lot of effort into making a system that's effective and intuitive for managers and personell.

Mobile friendly

We know that a lot of work is done on the go and in the home. Therefore we have developed a system to be mobile friendly. Because it is a web application you never have to think about software updates or keeping your data synched.

Compliant in a breeze

Eliminate administration when in comes to compliance and Working Time Directive.

Get notified instantly of any conflicts with the Working Time Directive through automated checks.

Know who to book at a glance!

Unlock hidden capacity

Bemlo enables a floating workforce that unlocks hidden capacity. Let employees with the appropriate permission apply to shifts across your organisation-

Why do other systems fill fewer shifts?

There is no shortage of staff

Healthcare and care organizations possess greater capacity than is commonly known. Old, slow, and cumbersome systems make it difficult for administrators to utilize the full capacity of the workforce and limit the ability to respond to schedule changes.

Bemlo unlocks this capacity and utilizes it to fill more shifts.

Said availability is far from true availability

Most pool systems on the market operate by requiring staff to pre-enter their availability in a pool management system.

The problem is that this information quickly becomes outdated, and then the concept fails. Bemlo reverses the administration by having staff apply for the shifts they are interested in.

Working Time Directive increase complexity

The Working Time Directive has significantly increased the administrative burden on everyone involved in scheduling and managing staff.

Therefore, Bemlo comes with built-in support and automated checks that eliminate the administration completely.

See the system in use